Texas Bred Organic Beef
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About Us

Denver Crawley grew up with a love for the outdoors and animals. As a young boy and teen Denver spent as much time as he could outdoors, observing and learning about nature and animal behavior.
As a young man in high school Denver dreamed of owning his own ranch one day and producing quality cattle that provided a quality eating experience. Denver has fond memories of his Dad’s grilled steaks as a young man. Denver also discovered at a young age he had an above average understanding and love for cattle. 
In college Denver honed his agriculture skills with a degree in Animal Science and a minor in Biology. These two sciences go hand in hand in growing quality beef cattle that are grass fed on pasture from birth to slaughter. 
Organic BeefWhile in college Denver met and married his wife Deanell. Together they produced three children and currently have eight grand children and four great grand children.  Deanell shares Denver’s dreams when it comes to animals, she just prefers horses, chickens and dogs over cattle. However together, Denver and Deanell make up a pretty good combination in their love and understanding of animals. All of Denver and Deanell’s children, their spouses and grandchildren are as active in the business as their family lives allow. 
After college Denver worked for the other man for years but continued to pursue his own dreams and passions of raising quality cattle for meat production. Denver started with a small amount of acreage and a small cow herd but now has built up a large herd of quality Red Angus cattle that finish well on grass.
In the mid 1980’s Denver went a step further following his gut feelings about the wholesome idea of organically raised animals on grass only. Denver pursued raising all his animals in an all natural organic environment and today still follows those practices. 
Today Denver and Deanell devote 100% of their time to the ranch while developing and selling organically raised grass fed beef from their own herd of cattle. All their animals are bred, born and raised to slaughter weight on one central Texas ranch out of their pure bred herd of Red Angus cattle.
Denver continues living his dream and vision on the ranch, all the while trying to improve his herd of cattle genetically and the quality of his pastures while providing a safe, wholesome and nutritional beef product for all his current and future customers.

Recently Denver and Deanell have added honey, eggs and chicken to their products list.  All products raised on the ranch.