Texas Bred Organic Beef
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Crawley's Country Beef 

Division of DWC Cattle Company/Texas Bred Organic Beef

195 HCR 3373, Hubbard,  Texas,  76648


2014 Price List



No Hormones - No Steroids -- No Antibiotics -- No Grain or Feed
All Cattle are Grass Fed and Fattened on Texas Certified Organic Pasture


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 Steaks: packaged individually  Quantity
Tenderloin Filet:: cut 2 inches thick  $29.50 per pound
New York Strip: cut 1 1/2 inches thick  $14. per pound
Boneless Ribeye: cut 1 1/2 inches thick  $16 per pound
Top Sirloin: cut 1 inch thick  $11. per pound
Flank: cut 1/2 inch thick  $11. per pound
Skirt: cut 1/2 inch thick  $7.50 per pound
 Roasts: packaged individually   
Sirloin Tip:  $8. per pound
Rump:  $7.50 per pound
Top Round:  $7.00 per pound
Chuck:  $6.50 per pound
Brisket: avg. 3-4 lbs. per package  $6. per pound
Premium Ground Beef 90/10
1 lb. pacakage
Stew Meat: 1lb. padkages:  $7.
Ribs: 2 lb. packages  $5.25
Liver: 1 lb. packages  $2.75
Oxtail: 2 lb. packages  $5. per pound
Tongue: 1 per package  $4 per pound
Meaty Soup Bones: 2 lb. packages
 $5. per pound

Beef Bones: 

                             $2 per pound
Custom Orders Price Per Pound Hanging Weight 
Whole Beef:   Call for pricing
Half Beef:  Call for pricing
 Quarter Beef:  Call for pricing

****   Weight for individually packed meats are approximate
****   All meat frozen and vacuum packed 
****   Shipping or delivery available upon request
****   Prices subject to change without notice
****   All prices quoted are FOB the ranch